communityThe Choose Local First Philosophy:

Choosing local products and services, and supporting locally owned independent businesses, lets residents and businesses strengthen our local economy!

Choose Local First wants to encourage local purchasing of goods and services offered by local independent businesses in the communities we serve. Keeping commerce and tax revenue within local communities has a direct impact on the vibrancy of every neighborhood.

We understand that it’s not possible to purchase everything local, but if everyone could reallocate even 10 percent of their spending back into our local communities it would make a huge difference.

When local consumers purchase outside the region, or if they buy goods and services from any national franchises, much of that revenue – and our tax dollars – are going to support outside corporations instead of our own community.

Local commerce is critical to the vibrancy of our neighborhoods! Local independent business owners invest profits back into our local community by spending locally, and by supporting local non-profits; community organizations; and schools. It is important that we all support our local independent businesses and ensure their sustainability in our communities.

Choose Local First isn’t proposing that local residents MUST shop or spend locally – only that you follow the following steps and criteria when considering a purchase of any product or service:

  1. STEP 1:  SEARCH to see if there is local independent business who offers the goods or services you desire.
  2. STEP 2:  CONTACT them to see if they can supply your product or service (give them a chance FIRST).
  3. STEP 3:  SHOP AND SPEND with these local independent businesses if they have what you desire.
  4. STEP 4: If the product or service isn’t available; if the price is too high; if you aren’t pleased with the goods/services offered; or you aren’t pleased with the service of the business’s staff – by all means feel free to shop and spend elsewhere at a regional, national, or even online businesses.


All we ask is that you always CHOOSE LOCAL FIRST! Because Community Matters!



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